German language course

Basic and intermediate courses with four levels of proficiency will be offered 18–20 hours of class per week (A I, A II and B I).

Level 1: beginners without any previous knowledge

  • For students who intend to enrol for English M.A. programs in Germany and who want to acquire basic knowledge about everyday life in Germany.

Level 2 & 3: lower intermediate and intermediate stage

  • For students with previous knowledge. Your proficiency in the German language will be classified based on a test at the beginning of the course.

Level 4: upper intermediate stage

  • For students who are advanced within the intermediate level and show relevant results in the placement test. 


Special programme for Norwegian students

Norwegian students can take part in an additional, contrastive course (1–2 afternoons a week), which is directed on special features of the language, but also on culture and everyday life. Basic knowledge of the German language is necessary to participate in this course.

Classes will take place at Kiel University. For over 50 years the »Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache « has been offering language courses for foreign students wishing to study in Germany. Its instructors are experienced in language instruction and in systematic preparation of foreign students for studies in Germany.

Evaluation and certification

Students regularly attending classes and passing the final written exam will be awarded a certificate and 6 ECTS points.