International Summer Course, 12th July - 6th August 2021

International students learning downtown in Kiel


"Germany today - language, society, nation, culture"

Important information:

Due to the current Corona-Crisis we unfortunately have to cancel the International Summer Course 2021!

We regret this very much.

 We will organise in summer 2022 the next summer course.

We look forward to welcoming you in Kiel next year!

For more than 70 years, Kiel University has organised an International Summer Course. Each year in the summer - from mid-July to mid-August - about 70 to 90 students and graduates from foreign universities from more than 20 different countries participate in this course.

The summer course helps participants to improve their German language skills, as well as to inform them about Germany today (language, society, nation and culture).

The programme encompasses three components: German classes, lectures and excursions.

German language course

Students in classroomIntermediate and advanced courses at 6 different levels (B I, B II, C I and C II) are carried out in the German language . The course level visited is determined by a placement test and an interview the individual participant. The course comprises 20-25 hours per week in groups of approx. 15 participants (90 instruction hours in total).

The instruction is carried out by teachers of the Key Skills Centre/German as a Foreign Language Unit. Courses for beginners are not offered.

Special classes for German language teachers are offered in didactics and foreign language instruction methods within the framework of the instruction.

Lectures and excursions

Vorträge & ExkursionenEach week, lectures are held in the afternoons by scientists and public figures which are designed to give participants insights into the politics, economy and culture of today's Germany, as well as to inform participants about historical developments. Each lecture is followed by a discussion session.

Excursions led by experts on the region are offered to give participants an impression of Northern Germany, its landscape, art and culture. Day trips to the cities of Hamburg and Lübeck as well as a trip to the North Sea coast.

Supplement programme / general information

RahmenprogrammStudents regularly attending classes and other course activities (lectures and excursions) will be awarded a certificate and 6 ECTS points. The course programme is supplemented by various leisure activities, including sporting or cultural events in and around Kiel. The official theater and concert programme is limited due to the holiday season. However, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival takes place in July/August 2021.

Costs / registration / contact

AnmeldungThose interested in participating in the course can register by submitting a registration form, which is obtainable from the International Center of Kiel University or can be downloaded from this webpage (see Shortcuts).

The fee for participants of the summer course is EUR 1.050,-. This fee includes all programme costs, accomodation and lodging (half-board). Accomodation for participants will be provided in single rooms in student dormitories.

Minimum age for participants: 18 years; maximum age: 50 years.

Deadline for registration: 15th May, 2021

An early registration is recommended, because there is no further registration when the maximum number of participants is reached.

For further information or registration please contact:

Andreas Ritter
International Center
Kiel University

Westring 400
24098 Kiel
Tel. +49 431 880 1706
Fax +49 431 880 1666