Information to prepare your stay in Kiel

Welcome to Kiel University

The information on these pages is directed primarily at foreign academics who are beginning a teaching or research position at Kiel University. We would like to provide you with some useful information to help you prepare for your stay or, if you are already in Kiel, with important information to help you off to a successful start in your new position at the University. As we well know, and as is always the case with a stay in any foreign country, many things will be different for you here, and there are some things you should be aware of. We hope that many of your questions will be answered here.



As an international guest scientist you have the opportunity to stay in one of our guest houses.

International students have the opportunity to stay in one of the dormitories.

For your stay in a Hotel in Kiel you can contact::

Touristinformation Kiel e. V.
Andreas-Gayk-Str. 31, 24103 Kiel
Phone: (0)431 679 10-0
Fax: (0)431 679 10-99

Before You Arrive

Making arrangements in advance makes things easier once you have arrived, not only for you at your host institute but also for your family. Some important information can be found here.

Getting to Kiel

Kiel can be reached by air, rail, ship or automobile. You can find additional information here.

After Your Arrival

Many formalities should be taken care of within the first few days of your arrival. The most important information can be found here.

In Germany with Your Family

Many academic personnel come to Kiel along with by their partners and families, especially if they are planning a longer stay. You can find some useful tips and information here.

Additional Helpful Information:

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