Information about Corona Vaccinations and the Digital Vaccination Passport

Please note:

Starting Sunday July 3, 9 – 12 and 13 – 18:00 at the Kiel Vaccination Center (Schwedenkai 1) vaccinations with the one time Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be available daily (until the supply is exhausted) without an appointment.

Starting July 1, vaccinations with AstraZeneca are also available without an appointment at the Kiel Vaccination Center (Schwedenkai 1) daily from 9 – 12 and 13 – 18:00.

You need a photo ID and the medical history and consent forms available in several languages on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

Vaccinations in vaccination centers, in doctor's offices and by the University doctor:

It is possible to register for an appointment at a vaccination center or a doctor's office. After you register, you will be contacted when an appointment is available. Everyone 12 years and older is eligible to be vaccinated. Here are the websites to register:

For vaccination centers you can register at the vaccination center of your choice and you will be contacted when an appointment is available in the chosen vaccination center. You can find a step by step English translation of this websitehere.

For doctor's offices: There are currently two websites in Schleswig-Holstein. Here you can register for a vaccination in a doctor's office without being a patient. As in the vaccination centers, one registers once at a practice of one's choice and is contacted when an appointment becomes available at the selected doctor's office.

1. You can find a step by step English translation of this website here.

Vaccination by the University doctor (only for employees of Kiel University with a work contract at the University. Please note: The following employers are not part of Kiel University: Geomar, UKSH, IfW, ZBW, IPN, MPI Plön.)
Information on and appointments for vaccinations by the university doctor will be sent out via the CAU vaccination information e-mail distribution list. If you are a university employee and are interested in a vaccination but have not yet signed up for the distribution list, you can do so as follows:

REGISTRATION for the e-mail list "Vaccinations"
Please only register if you:

·   do not already have a vaccination offer.

·   are an employee with a work contract at the University.

·   are interested in a COVID-19 vaccination.

Be sure to unsubscribe from the list if you get another vaccination offer or are not interested in being vaccinated for other reasons: UNSUBSCRIBE e-mail list "Vaccinations".

As soon as the university is able to offer you a vaccination, you will receive further information on the timing of the vaccinations, the registration procedure and the type of vaccine via the contact details you provided when you joined the email list. Notification may be provided on short notice depending on availability of appointments, so be sure to check your e-mail frequently.

The Digital Vaccination "Passport"

At, you can find a pharmacy nearby that offers the free digital vaccination certificate service by entering your postal code.

You need to bring your yellow vaccination booklet or your proof of vaccination and a photo ID - the pharmacy will then generate a code, which in turn can be loaded into the Corona warning app or the Cov-Pass app, which are available in app stores.

Immunization centers and doctor's offices should be able to offer the same service in the coming weeks. According to the state and the family doctors' association, they are still waiting for necesssary software to be released by the federal government.

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