Guest Professorships at Kiel University

Every year Kiel University hosts more than 400 visiting academics from abroad. During their stay, these guests work together with their colleagues in Kiel on joint research projects. Often they also continue working on their own research while they are in Kiel. The younger researchers in particular often use their stay in Kiel as an opportunity to further their own education or seek advice from their advisors here.

Many foreign academics also give guest lectures or offer entire courses as guest instructors during their stay. As such they make an important contribution to teaching at the University by providing an enriching international component. Of the many individual guest lectures and seminars, a few deserve particular mention. These include the Scandinavian guest professorship and the Canadian guest professorship.

Scandinavian guest professorship

The Scandinavian Guest Professorship (previously known as the Danish guest professorship) has been active since 1964. Its goal is to complement and enrich Kiel University’s course offerings by bringing in a guest lecturer from Scandinavia. In the 2003/04 Winter Semester, what until then was the Danish Guest Professorship was geographically expanded to include the whole Øresund region. As of the Summer Semester 2010 the programme includes all of Scandinavia. The university lecturers who have accepted the invitation so far have contributed to academic life at our University in various ways, and in doing so they have been instrumental in advancing the academic exchange between Germany and Scandinavia.

Guest professors stay for the entire lecture period, i.e. from October through February during the winter semester and from April through July for the summer semester. While here, they are salaried members of the faculty, and as guest professors they are expected to shoulder approximately the same teaching load as a regular faculty member: 8 credit hours or 3-4 courses. A portion of this teaching can take the form of an intensive course or a colloquium. It is always desirable for the guest faculty to hold one or two talks before a larger audience.

Not only full professors but also associate or assistant professors whose achievements approximate those required for the German Habilitation may be invited to come to Kiel, as may researchers from institutions unaffiliated with a university.

A list of the guest professors of the last 20 years can be found here.

Additional information can be obtained from the director of the International Center of Kiel University, Dr. Martina Schmode (Phone. 880-3719, Email:

Canadian guest professorship

The Canadian guest professorship at Kiel University has been active for almost 30 years. Each year during the summer semester (from April through July), a guest professor from Canada is invited to come to Kiel to teach courses on topics in Canadian history, politics, literature, language and culture or economy and society. In addition to his or her teaching, the guest professor should also hold individual lectures either in Kiel or elsewhere.

The guest professorship is jointly financed by Kiel University and the Canadian government. The guest professors are compensated in a lump sum payment. The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science may all submit nominations to fill the guest professorship each year.

A list of Canadian guest professors from previous years can be found here.

Additional information can be obtained from the director of the International Center of Kiel University, Dr. Martina Schmode (Phone. 880-3719, Email:

Individual subsidies

You can find information on individual subsidies at the Website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).



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