Internship Abroad

Internship Abroad From Theory to Action

Studying at a university has the general reputation of being too theoretical. There are many excuses for not deciding to go abroad: it is not compatible with the curriculum; a study visit abroad would be too expensive; what do you choose to do? Anyway, it's all much too complicated.

Please read the following pages in order to ease your doubts.

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Upcoming Deadlines for Programmes

Date Programme Conditions
01.05.2019 PROMOS Scholarship for internships outside of Europe, Internship starts in April 2019
15.10.2019 PROMOS Scholarship for internships outside of Europe, Internship starts in April 2019
An application for an ERASMUS Internship Scholarship is possible throughout the year. The confirmation to an internship is mandatory before applying for a scholarship.

All year application dates for programmes that fund internships abroad

Aktuelle Praktikaangebote

Mehr Angebote gibt es im OLAT Kurs "International Internships". Im Bereich "Praktikumssuche" werden verschiedene Herangehensweisen dargestellt.

Calls for international programmes (EuroDesk)

Stellenpool Internationale Organisationen (Qualifikationsstufe Praktikant) (Ort/Region: Sonstiges Ausland)

Date Country Title Bewerbung
28.11. NO AHK Norwegen 28.02.
03.12. SE Deutsch-Schwedischen Handelskammer  
14.01. UK

"We plug good music" offers intern positions as:

30.01. ES Teaching assistant 10.05.
30.01. ES Design for Innovation Internship 31.03.
30.01. BE Junior Researcher - Embodied cognition in virtual reality 01.05.
30.01. BE Junior Researcher - Psychophysiological correlates of human-computer interactions in times of changing interfaces 01.05.
04.02. NL One Family Foundation 15.02.
04.02. CN Investor Outreach Intern 15.02.
04.02. SK International Recruitment Internship 28.02.
12.02. MM Hanns Seidel Stiftung in Yangon, Myanmar 25.02.
12.02. BE Assistant Marketing Digital 01.03.
12.02. BE Internship offer in Regulatory & Public Affairs 24.02.
12.02. BE European Banking Foundation - Trainee supporting Social Affairs 28.02.