Fund for internationalisation 2021

We would like to thank you for your interest in the internationalisation fund at Kiel University. The fund is intended to support the internationalisation of Kiel University as a place to study, do research and teach and to stimulate conceptual thinking in the area of internationalisation. It is also meant to initiate new structural developments. The overall goal is to strengthen Kiel University’s international visibility and reputation, and to sustain and structurally improve the framework conditions for international partnerships and mobility, the internationalisation of courses, and the international promotion of young scientists.

After a successful start of the fund for internationalisation in 2013, the University Board has decided to renew the program for 2019 and the following years. Funding in the amount of €150,000 is available for 2021.

All members of staff at Kiel University are eligible to apply for funding, except for members of the IPN and the faculty of medicine (pre-clinical institutions may apply) and the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education - IPN.

Projects with a one-year validity (2021)

Projects at various levels and for variable amounts (approx. 1,000 – 20,000 €) may be funded. Examples for these projects are among others:

  • the introduction of international modules and windows of mobility in English
  • the organization of international doctorate workshops and scientific workshops
  • the support of incoming and outgoing guest lecturers
  • the co-financing of Summer Schools and high-ranking international conferences

Projects with a multi-year validity (max. 3 years, 2021 – 2023)

Projects at various levels and for variable amounts (approx. 1,000 – 7,000 € per year) may be funded. Examples for these projects are among others:

  • Multi-year workshop series with foreign partners (e.g. alternating in Kiel and abroad)
  • Establishment of a cooperation network with foreign partners (such as the “Bildungshanse”)
  • Joint student excursions (not compulsory excursions)
  • Other (research) collaborations of several years duration
  • Co-financing of third-party funding applications (e.g., DAAD, etc.).

Website translation projects will no longer be eligible for funding starting in 2019.
Please note that this fund is not meant to sponsor projects that can be financed through other third-party funding (e.g. DFG and DAAD); however, such projects may be co-financed or complemented through the fund if necessary.

Due to possible restrictions due to the Corona crisis, we would like to suggest that you plan projects with travel activities for the second half of 2021, if possible.

Deadline for the submission of applications was 1st November 2020 (date of receipt of online application).

After sending the digital application form, you will receive a copy via email. You can print this document for your own purposes. The International Center will check all applications formally and send them to the relevant Dean’s office or to the office of the chairman of your institution (if your institution does not belong to a faculty. There all applications will be pre-selected and sent to the International Center by December 7th, 2020. The International Center will forward all applications selected to the Selection Committee.

By the middle of January 2021, the Selection Committee will decide which applications to fund and will inform the successful applicants by the beginning of February 2021. We would like to expressly point out that approval is subject to budget restrictions.

Approved projects


If you need assistance, please contact:

Name Address Telephone Email
Dr. Martina Schmode

International Center
Westring 400
24118 Kiel
Raum 02.14

+49(0) 431-880-3719
Andreas Ritter International Center
Westring 400
24118 Kiel
Raum 02.11
+49(0) 431-880-1706