International cooperations

Due to  the growing importance of international collaboration and exchange, Kiel University has established far-ranging relationships with higher-education institutions in Germany and abroad that ensure the university's integration in the global network of academic relations.

Partnership agreements have been drawn up with almost 50 different universities in Europe, America and Asia.

The participation of the university in EU-financed research projects and mobility/ exchange programmes (e.g. more than 220 ERASMUS-partner universities  with 430 bilateral agreements) clearly demonstrates the university's intensive international integration. Furthermore, the university takes part in  the EU-programme ERASMUS+.

On account of its geographical location in the Baltic Sea region, Kiel university has always maintained special close links to neighbouring Denmark, as well as other Scandinavian countries and Baltic states. The founding of the German-Norwegian Study Center, more than 20 years ago,  exemplifies the strong ties maintained with the universities of the Nordic and baltic regions.

In addition to the partnership agreements, the university also benefits from numerous contacts between its employees and fellow researchers around the world. These contacts often form the basis for guest lectures and ideas for research projects and other co-operations and  lead to a lively exchange of information and students outside of the official channels.

Study abroad programmes with the University of Utah for American students.