Strategic Partnerships (KA203)


The University of Kiel has been successful in applying for funding for for two projects:

Ancient Cities.Creating a Digital Environment on Cultural Heritage (2017-2020):  Arhus University (Dänemark),  Bergen University (Norway),  Paris University Pantheon Sorbonne (France), Birmingham University (UK), Open University, Heerlen (The Netherlands), Kiel University, Classical Archaeology (Prof. Stefan Feuser, Project Coordinator).

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Urban Dynamics (2015-2018):  Santiago di Compostela University (Spain), Paris 8 University (France), El Salvador University, USAL (Argentina), The Federal University of Paraná (Brasil), Kiel University, Department for Romance Studies (Prof. J. Gomez-Montero / Project Coordinator), Geographical Institute (Prof. R. Wehrhahn).


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