According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) students obtain a certain number of credit points for successfully completed courses. In Kiel these points are called “Leistungspunkte” (LPs) within the Bachelor - / Master Program. Leistungspunkte correspond to ECTS  - Credits in the ratio 1:1.

LPs are awarded according to the workload, which is necessary to complete the course (targets) successfully.

The workload is made up of several efforts, like the preparation and post processing as well as the attendance of lectures. One LP corresponds to the workload of 30 hours. The completion of the Bachelor degree requires 180 LPs, to achieve the Master degree 120 LPs are necessary. For courses within the Bachelor- / Master Program 4 - 10 LPs are awarded, depending on the scope of a course. The number of credits per course could be found in the section Lectures.