Courses - I can't register for this course

There are several possibilities, why you can't register for a course.

a) The courses which you can't register depend on the subject with which you are enroled here at Kiel University. So if you are enrolled in Biology, it's not possible to register for courses in Spanish.

b) The institute, with which you are enrolled doesn't work with this software. In this case please ask your Departmental Coordinator about registration.

c) For courses in the Centre for Key Skills (Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikation), like "Professional Communication" or "Intercultural Communication", you can't register because you are likely to be enrolled in another subject.

But don't worry: Eventhough you can't register doesn't mean you can't choose the course! If you have problems with registering you either go to the Academic Adviser of the subject, where this course is thaught. Or you go to the lecturer and register orally. If there should be problems with the lecturer, get in touch with the Erasmus Incoming Officer.