Examinations at Kiel University

The common way to register your examination is on the CAU Portal. Registration on the portal has the advantage that you not only can check your examination results yourself but if all results are in you contact the examination office to send your Transcript of Records to your home address. If the online registration does not work for a course then you register by paper. After the examination office processed your application you find the registration online.

As every faculty has its own examination office, different forms need to be used. You find the documents and the contact information below:

The forms are either handed in personally or in the post box of the respective examination office. You might send them also per mail but make sure to send it with your mail address of Kiel university.

IMPORTANT: Use the respective forms from the Faculties (respectively from ther examination offices) you have courses in. Otherwise your application might not be processed completely.

NOTE: If you agreed on special conditions, e.g. a different number of credits or instead of a written exam you take an oral test, then you do not need to register for the exam. In this case, you ask the lecturer to issue a "Schein". A "Schein" is a document that contains the minimum information of the name of the student, semester, name of the course, awarded credits and grade, name of the lecturerer, signature of the lecturerer, and the date. It is issued by the lecturer after you took the exam. In the section "Transcript of Records" it is explained how you will recieve your Transcript of Records.

It is not necessary to stay in Kiel until it is issued. Ask the lecturer to send it to you.

At the following faculties/institutes you can ask for suppport:

  • Faculty of Medicine: Mr. Fickenscher and Mrs. Hoppe
  • Faculty of Law: Mrs. Thies