Costs of Living

Health insurance (if necessary) 80.00 Euro
Rent (including additional costs)  280.00 Euro
Food, Clothes, etc. (approx.) 323.00 Euro
Study materials, books (approx.) 170.00 Euro


853,00 Euro

Costs of LiIving in comparison to your home town

Costs of Living in Kiel

One time cost: A Social Fee for every student who enrolls at Kiel University (winter term 2019/2020 it's 259.00 Euro). This Social Fee is valid for the whole semester and includes bus and train through in Kiel, through whole Schleswig-Holstein and travels to Hamburg as well as discounts in the canteens on campus. Furthermore, there are numerous student discounts in cinemas, clubs and train. Every student who stays in Kiel for 6 month receives 100 Euro "Welcome Money".