[Ecosystem Research] Analysis of environmental processes


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Course name Analysis of environmental processes
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Course code S164
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. I. Unkel
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Short summary
  • Field course, taking sediment samples at selected locations (e.g. Schleswig-Holstein or Switzerland)
  • Producing/describing/drawing sedimentary profiles
  • Laboratory analyses (e.g. grain size, LOI)
  • Setting up scientific articles
  • Article writing and data implementation
  • Reading and presenting respective reference literature

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Study level Master
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Evaluation Seminar paper
Frequency Summer semester

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Course Content The module focuses on sedimentary archives of environmental processes. Sample material which is described and taken by the students in the field is analyzed in the laboratory. The results of the field and laboratory analyses are assembled in a scientific text simulating a peer-reviewed scientific publication. This course fosters the ability of the students to analyze environmental data from the sedimentary record on their own. In the end they should present and discuss this data in a boarder scientific context going beyond a standard lab report. This should enable/prepare them to write scientific monographs (theses) or peer-reviewed journal articles. Key skills: 1.         Designing experiments/field work 2.         Managing data 3.         Publishing data (transforming data into graphs and texts)
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