[English] American Literary History in Cultural Context


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Course name American literature in cultural context
Course type Lecture
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Faculty Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Examination office Gemeinsames Prüfungsamt in der Philosophischen Fakultät
Short summary This course is analogous to the previous lecture course and introduces the specific differences between American and English literature. Among other important aspects, the cultural domi- nance of Puritanism, revolution and republic, slavery and African American culture, immigration, capitalism and individualism, media diversity, superpower culture and the limits of integration will be highlighted.

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Study level Bachelor / Master / PhD
Also possible for Suitable for Bachelors and Masters at all levels

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ECTS 2,5
Frequency Winter term

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Recommended requirements Suitable for all subjects

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Course Content

This course belongs to a modul. This module will provide a grounding in English and American literature and insights into issues involved in writing about literature and culture. Students may choose between attending the lec- ture on British or on American literature. The lectures give an overview of the main periods of English and American literature, either as a whole or as exemplified by a genre (Bildungsroman (coming-of-age novel), poetry, drama). In the accompanying seminars, students can choose a theme from literary or cultural history and deepen their knowledge of it. Here, the issues relating to writing about literature and culture (canon, linearity vs. discontinuity, problems of period defini- tion) will play an important role. The oral exam covers texts from the lecture as well as from the seminar. Students choose 10-12 texts that are representative of the various genres, periods, and national literatures.

Reading list Will be made available
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