Change of contact details - Download of certificates of student status

How to change the contact details in the Campusmanagementsystem of Kiel University

  1. Log in the Campusmanagementsystem with your stu-number and your password
  2. Change the language to English at the bottom left corner
  3. At the top right click on “My functions – Service of studies”
  4. Choose “Contact data and documents”
  5. At the bottom click on edit
  6. Change your contact details
  7. Do not forget to save!

Download your certificates of student status, certificates of study periods and BaföG certificates:

as from now you can download your certificates of student status, certificates of study periods and BAföG certificates. You can also maintain your contact and address information online. To do so, please use your stu number (user ID) and your password (the same as the one for your stu-mail and QIS) to log on to:

To find the documents, you navigate through the menu as follows: „My Functions - Student Service - Reports“. Further information is provided on the homepage after you log into your account.

Your student ID and semester ticket for the summer semester 2016 will be sent to you in mid-March to your registered address. The documents mentioned above are no (longer) part of the “leporello”.

Please note:

This is the initial stage for these features. For technical reasons, the features may be deactivated for brief periods of time.

For technical support, please send an email to

For any other questions, please contact the Studierendenservice via

Yours sincerely   

Kiel University, Student Admission and Registry