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 CAU Card

Functions of the CAU Card             FAQ´S

  • Once you have received your card: user card in the Central Library, for sports at the University Sports Centre, paying in the university canteens,
    and for photocopying and scanning
  • As from October 2016: student ID and semester ticket. You can find more detailed information on this web page:


The CAU Card can be used throughout the entire duration of your studies at Kiel University.


After each successful re-registration, your CAU Card can be validated. The CAU Card is validated by an imprint of the VRK logo and the next semester. At the same time, the validity as prepaid card for the Canteen is renewed. After validation, the CAU Card can be used as semester ticket.

In future the CAU Card needs to be validated after successful re-registration. When you insert your card into a self-service terminal, the terminal uses a thermo procedure to remove the old print on the gray strip on the bottom of the card and to print the new information about semester and semester ticket onto that strip.

Currently there are 7 stations installed at following sites:

  1. Tower building (CAP4) - foyer
  2. Canteen 1 - main entry
  3. Canteen 1 - main entry
  4. Canteen 2 - foyer
  5. Central library - foyer
  6. Canteen TF - printer room
  7. Library MF (Breiter Weg 10) - locker room

If required, you can get a special protective cover for your CAU Card at the counter of the student service.

Further information can be found here:

The CAU Card is valid for the whole of the respective semester and needs to be validated at the start of each new semester at one of the self-service terminals.

You can get a new campus card in case of loss, damage or malfunction of your campus card. Hand in the
completed form

at the International Center during our office hour. Please note that the new card costs extra fee and that you have to pay in cash directly for printing the new card.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.