Admission to a Master programme

If you have already completed a first degree (e.g. B.A. or Diplom) and are interested in starting a master´s programme at Kiel University, you will find all necessary information about application and enrolment here.

Read more: admission to a Master programme at Kiel University

For a general overview of Master programmes offered at Kiel University please follow the link:   Overview of Master Programmes.pdf

  • all non-German citizens with foreign academic certificates
  • all non-German citizens with a German bachelor degree or with a similar German university degree
  • German citizens with foreign academic certificates

must submit a common application through Uni-ASSIST in Berlin

  1. for all Master programmes held in German
  2. for the following Master programmes are held in English:

The application process is explained in detail in the admission information for a Master programme.pdf

Applicants should apply online through UNIASSIST e.V.

Please complete the online application Form from Uni-ASSIST and upload electronically the Application with your original signature and all certified copies of your documents.

Prospective students should apply directly at the respective academic institute of Kiel University regarding these Master's programmes held in in English.

Some study courses require special previous knowledge. These courses can be found in the Studienqualifikationssatzung. Please submit the Bescheinigung über "besondere Vorkenntnisse" gemäß Studienqualifikationssatzung along with your application.