General Information

You should always find out what bus to take before you leave for Kiel (use a computerized route finder). Also find out some alternatives, in case your transportation is delayed.

Information about the bus system (including schedules and fares) is available from the Kiel Transit Company (KVG). Here you can use a computerized route finder function by filling in the Start (from) and Ziel (to) fields. For example, your Start might be Bahnhof and Ziel might be Universität (or the location of your housing). A few days after you enrol at Kiel University you will receive your »Semesterticket«. It will allow you to use public transportation in Kiel free of charge.

  • Information related to the location of faculties on campus and in the city of Kiel can be obtained here.
  • Information on your arrival in Germany can be obtained at
  • A town portrait of the city of Kiel you can find in this flyer.