Working during the Study Program

How do I search for a student side job

How much am i allowed to work as an international student?

  • not more than 20h/week during the lectures (more is possible during the semester break)
  • regulations are the same for national students

International students from outside the EU

  • 120 days (<5h/shift) or 240 half days (>5h/shift) per calendar year
  • student jobs without time restraint (research assistant jobs)
  • at most 20h/week during the lectures (more is possible during the semester break)

Where can I search?

You can look at message boards at the campus, in the cafeteria or Institutes as well at supermarkets. At most times, job offers that can be interesting for students can be found there. Especially message boards at the institutes often offer student assistant jobs, that are particularly interesting for master students. Also asking the professor directly, if there is a need for a student assistant can be done as well.

Get active!

By going directly to restaurants, supermarkets, shops or other companies you can ask them, if they offer a job there. (kitchen, cleaning, service, warehouse, scullery..)
Also be more aware of shop windows – sometimes you will find notices like “Aushilfe gesucht”.

There are farmer’s markets on the Exerzierplatz Wednesday and Saturday as well as on the Blücherplatz on Monday and Thursday. The shops there are always looking for new employees, so you can try asking the owners as well for minijobs.

Ask your fellow students!

For sure some of your fellow students (national or international) already have a job and can give you some advice or even help you get a job.

In the net

Job offers often can also be found on websites of companies, organizations, clubs etc..
Alongside certain facebook groups, the following websites can be used for job search:



Also in local newspapers like Kieler Nachrichten or Kieler Express job offers are presented.


Giving language courses and tuitition*

If you’re interested in giving language courses you can do so at the „Volkshochschule“ VHS

Giving private tuition* for pupils is possible through announcements on message boards, in Newspapers or through Ebay-Kleinanzeigen -> „Nachhilfe“;;
Also tuitition is possible by an institute:;;;;;


*These jobs are mostly on payment of a fee (“Honorar”), i.e. you work self-employed. Self-employment is only allowed for students from countries of EU and EEA. All other students (§16) need to ask the Ausländerbehörde/immigration office, if they can work as a self-employee.