1 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. "BiLi, DaZ und Internationales - Zertifikatskurse für Lehramtsstudierende" - information event

Jun 13, 2019

Leibnizstraße 3, R. 220

The certificate courses of the Centre for Teacher Training enables students of teaching professions to apply and test their existing theoretical knowledge in a targeted and focused way in everyday school life. In the lecture three courses are presented, which on the one hand deal with (foreign) language acquisition in bilingual subject teaching as well as in DaZ teaching and on the other hand with the extraordinary commitment in the field of international and intercultural issues. What does staying abroad, the acquisition of languages, participation in intercultural trainings, involvement in international projects or attending a summer school mean for the future work at the school?
These and other questions will be clarified in the 45-minute information presentation and will be examined on the basis of the certificate course contents.
In an increasingly global world school has become an intercultural, even more heterogeneous space. The "Workshops and Certificates" are intended to enrich teacher training and offer prospective teachers the opportunity to sharpen their own profile already during their university training phase. Three certificate courses will be highlighted in the lecture:

The Bilingual Tuition Certificate offers a unique combination of foreign language and subject matter. At many schools in Schleswig-Holstein students have the opportunity to take part in bilingual English or French lessons. The certificate course gives students a focused insight into bilingual teaching.
The DaZ certificate offers prospective teachers an additional qualification for the language advancement of refugee children and young people by attending university courses and sitting in on classes at schools. The course offers students an intensive theoretical and practical examination of the subject of German as a second language.
The certificate "Teaching International - Designing a School Open to the World and Intercultural" aims to document, value and certify stays abroad, participation in international projects, language courses and the like.

The event will be in German language.

Host: Zentrum für Lehrerbildung


Melanie Korn , +49 (0)431-880-1266

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