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Would you like to get to know new people and talk to them about different things? Would you like to take part in online activities with people from different countries? The dates for the events can be found on the kulturgrenzenlos website


Mental Well-being on Campus. Interactive Virtual Workshop on Mental Health

Wednesday, May 26th, 4 pm - 6 pm

Studying well. Managing crises. Living a satisfying life. Can I have it all? Of course!

What to expect:

  • Getting to know the warning signs of mental illness and crises
  • Shedding some light on fears and prejudices concerning mental illness
  • Finding out who and what can help, what makes you strong and what you need to master a crisis
  • Discussing how you can create an atmosphere in your university where it goes without saying that mental health is openly spoken about and solutions are looked for together

You will get to know students who have mastered crises, live successful and fulfilling lives and who want to share their experiences with you. Let us learn from each other.

Registration is required at hiwi-betreuung@uv.uni-kiel.de

You'll find more information on the website of Irrsinnig Menschlich and on their Facebook page


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Catharina Koock: hiwi-betreuung@uv.uni-kiel.de
Rebekka Spengel jobstarter-assistenz@uv.uni-kiel.de

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