Docs Build Bridges: Events and activities for Doctoral Students

With "Docs build bridges" we would like to give you the chance to meet other doctoral candidates at Kiel university. For this purpose we offer you the following services.

If you go to Trips, Seminars and Cultural Events, you will find information about our seminar "Discover your intercultural and study skills" as well as information about other events and excursions.

The Conversational German Course is designed especially for doctoral candidates from abroad and their non-German partners, who would like to learn German to help them coping with their everyday life.

The "Doc Pilots" offer doctoral candidates from abroad individual personal support in organizational matters (apartment search, childcare, dealing with the city administration, etc.) at the beginning of and during their doctoral studies at Kiel University.

"Docs Get-Together" is primarily aimed at doctoral candidates from abroad and offers them the opportunity to get to know other doctoral candidates, to spend a nice and relaxed evening with them, to exchange experiences and to find new friends.

Once a year there is a special "Docs Get-Together":
"Who let the docs out?" – the "Docs Build Bridges"-summer party was established in July 2013 to complete a busy and productive first half year of the "Docs Build Bridges"-programme. In 2015 it combined Kiel University's campus festival and Graduate Centert's fifth anniversary on 22 May.

The project  "Docs and the City" offers you a fabulous opportunity to discover Kiel anew! Our foto exhibition "Places and Faces" features favourite places of doctoral canditates from abroad as well as from Germany. Our aim is to collect a diverse kaleidoscope of places in which one feels welcome and at home. Our guiding question is: ... and what is your favourite place?

Via "Docs Know How!" doctoral candidates help each other with expertise, experience and collegial support.
In "I know - I can" you will find a skill section on offer, under "I want to learn - I want to know" you can inquire for help.

The platform Docs Talks enables PhD candidates to present their home culture, transfer active knowledge and to transmit their intercultural experiences.