[Chinese] Chinese Online Course


Allgemeine Information

Kursname Chinese Online Course
Kurstyp Online course
Kursverantwortlicher Danni Lin, M.A., Prof. Dr. Angelika Messner
Fakultät Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Prüfungsamt General examination office
Kurzzusammenfassung Though a series of online lectures, participants, will receive the necessary guidance to stucture their learning process independently. The course is only offered online and is offered in different proficiency levels.

Information über das Studienlevel

Study level Bachelor (Year 3)
Also possible for Bachelor and Master

Informationen über Leistungspunkte, Bewertung und Angebotshäufigkeit

Angebotshäufigkeit Winter and Summer term

Information über die Lehrsprache

Lehrsprache English
Mindestanforderung B1
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Information über die Zugangsvoraussetzungen

Empfohlene Zugangsvoraussetzungen  

Informationen über Lehrinhalte, Literatur und weitere Angaben

Weitere Angaben In order to succesfully enroll in this course, please contact office@chinazentrum.uni-kiel.de and send us your name and matriculation number. You will then receive your user credentials and password. It is also mandatory to attend the semester information at the China Centre at the beginning of each semester - for date and time, please consult the website of the China Centre: www.chinazentrum.uni-kiel.de/en/courses