[Key Skills Centre] Graphic Recording and Visualisation: Making science visual and engaging


General information

Course name Graphic Recording and Visualisation: Making science visual and engaging
Course type Exercise
Course code  
Course coordinator  
Faculty Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Examination office Gemeinsames Prüfungsamt in der Philosophischen Fakultät
Short summary How to graphically communicate complex scientific information. Exploring different techniques of visualising information. Exploring applications for graphic recording, including in meetings, workshops, lectures, conferences, and other contexts; Slide and poster design Theoretical groundwork.

Information about study level

Study level Bachelor / Master / PhD
Also possible for Suitable for Bachelors and Masters at all levels

Information about credit points, evaluation and frequency

ECTS 2,5
Evaluation Portfolio
Frequency Winter term

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
Further information on the teaching language Better B2

Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Suitable for all subjects – it is an interdisciplinary and introductory course.

Information about course content, reading list and additional information

Course Content  
Reading list Will be made available
Additional information Learn methods for communicating scientific information clearly and engagingly through visualisation; Develop visual language and a vocabulary of symbols that can be applied during real-time graphic recording; Find the best visualisation method for you based on background, interests, and skills, and develop this within the frame of the course; Learn to adapt visualisation of information to various situations and target audiences; Be able and confident to do graphic recording during group work, at conferences, in workshops, and more.