[Ecosystem Research] Geoarchaeology and Holocene palaeoecology – reconstruction of natural and human


General information

Course name Geoarchaeology and Holocene palaeoecology – reconstruction of natural and human
Course type  
Course code S152
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. H.-R. Bork
Faculty Institute for Ecosystem Research
Examination office  
Short summary Students get experienced to carry out geoarchaeological and Holocene palaeoecological studies. They learn to collaborate in groups while analyzing, compiling, combining, discussing and interpreting different available data (in part gained from S 152) within the frame of projects. A major aspect is the comparison of palaeoenvironmental results with recent data. Whereas one focus is lead on the analysis another one is set on the presentation (talk) and publication of the results.

Information about study level

Study level Master
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Information about credit points, evaluation and frequency

Evaluation Project
Frequency Winter semester

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Basics in Ecology, consolidation/ continuation of S152.

Information about course content, reading list and additional information

Course Content Different palaeoenvironmental data (available from S 152 and earlier projects) are  compiled,  discussed, interpreted,  presented  and published by the students. Students are organized in project teams.
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