Plant Nutrition and Soil Science - M - Nutrient Cycles and Sustainability


General information

Course name Nutrient Cycles and Sustainability
Course type  
Course code AEF-EM010
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. Karl-Hermann Mühling
Faculty Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
Examination office Prüfungsamt Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Short summary Nutrient inputs, nutrient outputs, nutrient balance of soils, criteria of sustainability, trace, roots-soil interaction , gas emission (Methan, NOx), heavy metal dynamics, adaption of plants to saline and acid soils and adaption strategies of plants to such conditions

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Study level Master
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Evaluation Written Examination
Frequency Winter semester

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, plant alimentation and plant cultivation

Information about course content, reading list and additional information

Course Content Students have knowledge of nutrient dynamics of different agroecosystems and an understanding of the complexity of the interaction of location and plants and are familiar with the criteria of sustainable cultivation. They are able to conceptualize cultivation concepts in humid, semi-arid and arid regions and are able to analyse the effects of changes in nutrient management on different crop-rotations.
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