[Agriculture] Consumer Psychology in Agri- and Food Business


General information

Course name Consumer Psychology in Agri- and Food Business
Course type Lecture (30h/90h); Seminar (30h/90h); Total (60h/180h)
Course code AEF-agr825
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. Orth, Email: uorth@ae.uni-kiel.de
Faculty Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
Examination office pruefungsamt@agrar.uni-kiel.de
Short summary Consumer Psychology in Agri- and Food Business takes a look at the psychological underpinnings of consumer behavior. It aims at introducing psychological concepts, research methodology, and interesting findings that are important to understand the role of the human mind in a marketing and consumption context.

Information about study level

Study level Master
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Information about credit points, evaluation and frequency

Evaluation 50 % final examination (oral), 50 % presentation & homework
Frequency Summer Term

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Basic insights into consumer behavior, marketing, marketing research. Basic knowledge about research methods and statistical analyses.

Information about course content, reading material, and additional information

Course Content This module covers basic and some advanced concepts of consumer psychology (CP) in an agribusiness and food context. Emphasis is on understanding the drivers and processes of human behavior. Focal areas include CP as a multi-faceted discipline, activation, perception and evaluation, context effects, environmental atmospherics, affect-as-information, persuasion knowledge models, judgmental bias, learning, memory, concepts of self and others, personality, and persuasion. Learning objectives are addressed through a combination of lectures and group seminars.
Reading list Assigned readings (selected journal articles), textbook (for reference): Handbook  of Consumer Psychology, by C. P. Haugtvedt, P. M. Herr, & F. R. Kardes (eds.)
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