[Agriculture] Cross-Cultural Marketing


General information

Course name Cross-Cultural Marketing
Course type Lecture (30h/90h); Seminar (30h/90h); Total (60h/180h)
Course code AEF-agr537
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. Orth, Email: uorth@ae.uni-kiel.de
Faculty Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
Examination office pruefungsamt@agrar.uni-kiel.de
Short summary This module covers basic and a few advanced concepts of marketing across cultures. It focuses on identifying and applying appropriate methods and concepts to support entrepreneurial decisions. Unlike international marketing, cross-cultural marketing specifically includes identifying and targeting customers within a country based on their cultural background. Learning goals and objectives are accomplished through a combination of interactive lectures and group work.

Information about study level

Study level Bachelor
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Information about credit points, evaluation and frequency

Evaluation 50 % Written examination Orth, 50 % Assignment Orth
Frequency Winter Semester

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English (brief clarifications in German possible if requested)
Minimum language requirement B1
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Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Principles of Marketing

Information about course content, reading list and additional information

Course Content Lecture: Basic cross-cultural marketing decisions, cultural context: values and elements of culture, consumer behavior and psychology in divergent cultures, globalization of demand, cross-cultural marketing strategy, marketing mix in a cross-cultural context, communication and negotiation between cultures, ethno marketing Seminar: Supervised group work on a topic of practical relevance.
Reading list Assigned readings (selected journal articles), textbook: Usunier & Lee (2009) Marketing Across Cultures, 4th ed. Prentice Hall
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