Gründe für Erasmus in Kiel

Es gibt viele Gründe um für einen Erasmusaufenthalt an die Universität Kiel zu kommen.

Kiel ist die Landeshauptstadt Schleswig-Holsteins und liegt direkt an der Ostsee. Als Fahrradstadt ist alles auf zwei Rädern zu erreichen. Einmal im Jahr lädt Kiel zum größten Volksfest des Nordens - der Kieler Woche.

  • Fast alles ist bequem mit dem Fahrrad erreichbar.
  • Grüne Stadt am Wasser.
  • Gastgeberin des größten Volksfests in Nordeuropa.
  • Heimat des Handballvereins THW Kiel


Am Meer studieren

Die Ostsee ist das Herz unserer Stadt und Strände reichen bis in die Innenförde. 

The Baltic Sea is the heart of our wonderful city and beaches go right into the city. On a sunny day, after classes, our students love to go to the beach.

In Kiel there are many possibilities to engage in sports activities, such as sailing, surfing & wind surfing, rugby, horseback riding and much more. If you like to hang out at the beach, no problem! We have beautiful sand beaches where you can hang out with your new friends, have a barbecue party, a relaxed walk on the beach, or study for exams. Besides the Baltic Sea with all its beautiful beaches, Kiel University has an internationally renowned marine research center which is connected closely to other disciplines (e.g. Future Ocean – Cluster of Excellence)

Variety of language courses other than German

If you are interested in learning not only German but other languages as well, you are at the right address! Kiel University offers many language courses, such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese for all levels. In addition, we offer also courses designed for business purposes to enhance your skills to communicate appropriately in business environment.

Lots of opportunities to learn German


Students from all over the world

More than 26.000 students call Kiel their home, 1.900 are international students! Kiel University is a meeting point for students from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to make international friends and to get to know a range of different cultures! Kiel is proud of its great international relations and the university is integrated in to the worldwide scientific network.

Good assistance and mentoring




Moderate prices

  • University city,


Lots of sport, music and leisure activities

In Kiel you won’t be bored easily. Our city has plenty of activities you can enjoy! You can decide between going to museums, theatre, opera, art galleries, and if you like to watch a movie, we have several cinemas in our town! Also let’s not forget the great range of restaurants, bars, and cafés at which you can have a fabulous time with your friends.

Clean and cheap dorm rooms


Gateway to Northern Europe

Kiel is the capital of Germany’s most northern state, Schleswig – Holstein. Kiel is close to the Danish border (just a 1, 5 hour drive) and thanks to the Schengen Declaration there is no border control. Our port is an important junction (hub?) for international cruise ships and ferries, especially ferries which take you non-stop and in short time to Scandinavia.