Internationales Café Abendtermin

26.05.2020 ab 19:00 und weitere Termine

IBZ Gästehaus Kiellinie 5

International Café - Evening date

hallo / bonjour / guten Tag / buenos dias / konnichi wa / nihouma / dzień dobry / hallo

The evening get-together is canceled in March and April due to the corona virus outbreak!!

  The “International Café” bids you a warm welcome to Kiel. A group of people from Kiel is pleased to offer you an opportunity to learn a bit about life in Kiel and make new acquaintances. They invite you once a month for 'snacks and conversation'. They meet usually on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 7 pm, in the University guesthouse at Kiellinie 5 (IBZ).

Nancy Smith, 0431 880 2727

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