For doctoral candidates and postdocs: Develop your Intercultural and Study Skills

09.12.2017 um 10:00 bis 10.12.2017 um 13:15

Joint offer of the Graduate Center and the International Center


Saturday            9 December 2017                10.00 am - 03.30 pm

Sunday            10 December 2017                10.00 am - 01.15 pm

Contents of the tutorial:

Socialising and Making Friends

  • How do I make friends here in Kiel?
  • What do Germans do at the weekend?
  • Do's and don'ts when meeting and greeting people
  • Gender interaction, dating


Understanding and Managing Culture-Specific Communication Differences

  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Culturally different ways of communicating
  • Small talking


 Getting to Grips with University Life and Academic Culture

  • Deals with what others expect of you and what expectations you have on others?
  • What is procrastination and how do I get over it?
  • Contacting and interacting with your supervisor
  • How do I deal with criticism and feedback?


Different Cultures - different Values

  • How are German values different to your values?
  • Cultural contrasting -understanding cultural differences and commonalities and learning to build bridges


  • Course Description:

Leaving home and your familiar comfort zone to travel to a new country can be a stressful experience especially when you are confronted with different manifestations of culture, e.g. national everyday culture, academic culture and conventions, as well as a different language and communication culture.

Because you and the other participants decide on what issues we discuss and work on, each of these tutorials is unique. Besides discussing issues that are important to you personally, we will also cover topics such as homesickness, culture shock, procrastination, German values and social interaction. Moreover, you can learn from the experience of others in the group who are also going through similar experiences.


  • to develop your intercultural cultural understanding and self-awareness
  • to expand your behavioural strategies so that you can successfully handle challenging situations both in everyday and academic life
  • to provide you, as a doctoral candidate, with a clear understanding of how German universities function


Registration: Via this link to the homepage of the "Gradiertenzentrum"

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