Universitiy of Utah summer course

Gruppe 2018

Group 2018

University of Utah summer programme 2018

June 21 - July 26, 2018

The summer programme 2018 will offer courses in

  • German Language and Culture (fulfill BA language, and German minor/major requirements


Thursday, June 21
Arrival of all students at the International Center (IC), Westring 400, Kiel If you arrive in Hamburg: Please check out the bus schedule of the Kielius-Bus (shuttle bus from Hamburg airport to Kiel main train/ bus station) at www.kielius.de.
Bus lines 61/62, 81/82 or 91/92 will take you directly to bus stop "Universität Westring", which is across the street from the International Center.
Afterwards: transfer to the dormitories
Information about the dormitories:
Wirtschaftsakademie (German only)
Note: Upon arrival at the IC, a bus ticket will be provided by representatives of the University of Kiel.
Friday, June 22
11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Orientation Day
The Orientation Program will include:
- information about the program and about your stay in Kiel
- lunch
- a guided city tour
- welcome dinner

Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24
Days of rest. Time for grocery shopping.
Time to enjoy the "Kieler Woche"...
Meet your local students!

Monday, June 25
First day of classes

Friday, June 29
Excursion to the Hamburg
In the North of Germany and in the heart of Europe; Hamburg is Germany's second largest city (1.8 million inhabitants) and offers an excellent quality of life and international flair. Hamburg is ranked in the TOP 20 most liveable cities in the world alongside Vancouver, Melbourne and Sydney (The Economist) and is in 6th place in the TOP 10 most fun cities worldwide (GoEuro). We are sure you will love it too...

Excursion to Berlin
After the fall of the Wall, Berlin became the capital of unified Germany and a building boom began in the 1990s that included more than 30 major construction works in the east of the city. It has also become to be considered by many as the cultural capital of Central and Eastern Europe, excelling in every field but in particular those of dance/electronic music, contemporary art and dance, and classical and orchestral music. Berlin has three opera houses, over 150 theatres and playhouses, over 170 museums and collections and over 200 private galleries. Berlin also occupies a special place in Europe as an extremely liberal, socially progressive and tolerant city, placed in the heart of the continent, where East meets West.

Friday, July 13
Excursion to Lübeck
Visit with us one of the best preserved medieval cities in Schleswig-Holstein with its fascinating history. Lübeck was home to the famous author Thomas Mann (Die Buddenbrooks) and is well known for the Niederegger Marzipan.

Friday, July 6 until Monday, July 9

Saturday, July 14
Sailing with the International Center's sailing boat

Saturday, July 14 (evening)

Friday, July 20 (optional)
Excursion to Schleswig and the Viking settlement of Haithabu

Saturday, July 21 und Sunday, July 22
Time for individual travelling

Wednesday, July 25

Thursday, July 26
Depature of students
Throughout the program, we will have several extracurricular acitivties, e.g. historic city tours, visits to the art gallery or trips to the surroundings of Kiel.

Host families and tutor programme

Host family programme

Some students will have the opportunity to spend their time in Kiel with a host family. This will give you the chance to immerse completely in the German host culture and to see how German families live. Application forms (student profile) will be handed out to you through the University of Utah's International Center. After a host family has been selected for you through Kiel University, you will receive the family profile in order to contact them before your arrival in Kiel.

Für Gastfamilien - For host families: Familienfragebogen zum Herunterladen - Family Profile to download:

als PDF-Dokument


Meet a local student

Moreover, Kiel University will offer a program "Meet a local student": University of Utah students will meet German students in order to practise their German, to see how German students live, and to see Kiel from a student's perspective.