Study abroad

During studies and internships abroad, students gain important additional skills to compete in today's labour market. Great care and effort is required to plan a study period abroad.

In this regard, the International Center offers information sessions (in German) that give an overview of the necessary preparations needed for a successful study period abroad. This includes information on preliminary considerations, funding opportunities and other important things to know. Any individual questions, you many have, can be answered in a personal conversation. English speaking students are advised to contact the Go-Out-Team directly – we can also offer a personal telephone or Zoom meeting for you.

Antje Volland & Elisabeth Grunwald
tel. +49(431)880-3717 or 3022
Tuesday - Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm


Hours of operation of the information desk and library:

currently closed

Individualised advice on studying abroad - Mrs. Volland / Mrs. Grunwald:

tel.: 880-3717 oder 880-3022