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Lobster buoys in Maine, USA

More money for the PROMOS scholarship programme 2019
The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research allocates more funding for students and doctoral students going abroad. Kiel University was able to successfully raise 61% of the funding already available from the DAAD. Significantly more students can be supported in the various mobility programmes. The International Center therefore offers an additional application date from 1. July 2019.

The mobility programme of the DAAD supports short-term study periods abroad worldwide with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. PROMOS aims to make an important contribution to increasing student mobility.

The PROMOS programme is open to Germans and students of equivalent status, who are fully registered at Kiel University in their 2nd semester or higher and also process sufficient language skills in the language of instruction. Non-German students may also apply for a scholarship, if they are enrolled in a course of study at a German university with the aim of obtaining a degree at the university. Study visits in home countries are excluded.

Kiel University directly selects scholarship recipients on the basis of quality.

The DAAD determines the grant amount, instalments and travel costs.

  • Semester Scholarship (3 to 5 months)
  • Short Term Scholarship for a Thesis (1 to 6 month)
  • Internship (6 weeks to 6 months)
  • NEW: Language Course (3 to 8 weeks)
  • NEW: Specialised Course (1 to 6 weeks)


Please apply online here:

PROMOS-ONLINE-REGISTRATION / application 1. May 2019

Application deadlines for all lines of funding:

  • 1. February 2019 – funding possible from 15. April 2019
  • 1. May 2019 – funding possible from 15. July 2019
  • NEW: 1. July - funding possible from 1. September 2019
  • 15.October 2019 – funding possible from 1. January 2020


Detailed Information:

All important information on  funding, how to apply and how to prepare the final report is available in our PROMOS LEFLEAT.pdf.

The PROMOS SUBSIDY RATES 2019.pdf can be found on a list sorted by country.

The International Center provides INFORMATIONAL SEMINARS.pdf on applying for the PROMOS-programme. DAAD applicants are also welcome to attend.

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