Study abroad

Studies and internships abroad help students gain important additional skills to compete on the labour market nowadays. Care and diligence is necessary in planning for study abroad.

In this matter the International Center offers information sessions (in German) providing an overview of what to do to prepare for successful study abroad. This includes information on preliminary considerations, funding opportunities and other important things to know. Any particular questions you many have can be answered in a one to one conversation.

The International Center maintains a library on foreign study programmes. It collects information on specific countries and partner institutions, keeps reference books on higher education institutions worldwide and has a repository of reports written by former ERASMUS-students on their ecperiences abroad.


Hours of operation of the information desk and library:

  • Monday - Thursday: 9 - 12 am and 1 - 4 pm
  • Friday: 9 - 12 am

Individualised advice on studying abroad - Mrs. Volland / Mrs. Grunwald (without a personal reservation):

  • Monday + Tuesday: 1 - 3 pm
  • Thursaday: 9 - 12 am
  • (No individualised advising on Mondays during the semester breaks)


tel.: 880-3717 oder 880-3022