Internship abroad

Lecture in one of the seminar rooms of the Institute of Math, picture:Kröger/Dorfmüller, Copyright: Uni Kiel

Studying on a university has the general reputation of being too theoretical. There are many excuses not to go abroad: the curiculuum would not allow it, a stay abroad would be too expensive, what to do anyways and everything is too complicated anyhow.

Please read the following pages in order to ease your doubts.


Presentation "Interships Abroad"

Upcoming Deadlines
from 01.03.2017 GoEast Sommerschule open to all subjects
07.04. - 31.05.2017 Russland in der Praxis open to all subjects, language requirements depend from company
30.04.2017 Internship in Washington D.C. open to all subjects