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Leave of Absence from Kiel University

It is possible to apply for and be granted a leave of absence from your studies if you can demonstrate that you have an especially important reason for doing so:

Especially important reasons include the following:

1       Illness

(This requires that you provide a document from your doctor that shows that you are unable to participate in a regular course of study at the University.)

4       Study Abroad

5       Military or Civilian Service

7       Other Reasons

8       Pregnancy / Maternity Leave

9       Child Care (Only for children under four years of age.)



A leave of absence is normally granted for the duration of one semester. It is not possible to be granted a leave of absence for the first semester of study or for the first semester of enrolment at Kiel University.

Students granted a leave of absence must pay the semester fee in amount of € 118,50

Students must apply for a leave of absence, or to have a leave of absence extended, at the time of Rückmeldung, i.e. during the regular reenrollment process, for each semester.

Application for Leave of Absence