Jean Monnet Activities aim to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of EU integration studies, as well as foster  dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers.

The projects typically focus on one of three main activities:

  • Teaching and Research: Jean Monnet Modules, Chairs and Centres of Excellence
  • Support to Associations: Jean Monnet support to Associations
  • Policy debate with the Academic World: Jean Monnet Networks and Jean Monnet Projects


Types of Projects:

  • promote research and networking activities in the field of EU studies
  • enhance teaching in European integration studies
  • help networks to enhance cooperation between different universities throughout Europe and around the world
  • foster discussion and reflection on EU issues as well as deepen knowledge about the EU and its processes



  • Organisation of conferences and courses on EU studies and content policy
  • Publications on EU studies and issuesa to enhance active European citizenship
  • associations that organise and carry out activities dealing with EU studies and EU issues



  • Consortium: Depending on the activity, higher education institutions or other organisations active in the field of European integration or European integration studies, or association of professors and researchers specialising in European Union Studies, established in any country of the world.


  • Duration & Award Amount:
  1. Modules € 30.000 (three-year project)

  2. Chairs € 50.000 (three-year project)

  3. Centres of Excellence € 100.000 (three-year project)

  4. Projects € 60.000 (one, one and a half or two-year project

  5. Networks -  3 partners from 3 different conutries € 300.000 (three-year project)

  6. Associations € 50.000 (three-year project)

  • Call for proposals: from approx. 24.Okt. 2019 - 22 Feb. 2020 at 12:00 Brussels time (for projects starting 01. Sep. 2020)


Applications should be made to the EACEA in Brussels