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The higher education and training programme, ERASMUS has become one of the European Union's most notable success stories and has been funding cooperation among higher education institutions across Europe since 1987. It supports students, lecturers and university staff who wish to travel abroad.

ERASMUS+ refers to the EU Programme in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport for the period 2014-2020 and has a budget of around 14.8 billion euros. The Erasmus+ programme aims to benefit around two million students by 2020, including over a quarter of a million students from Germany. Within the scope of Student Mobility, ERASMUS+ supports study visits and internships abroad. The programme for Personnel Mobility promotes teaching assignments and stays abroad for training purposes. Special funding is available for participants with disabilities and students with children.


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ERASMUS "Fact Sheet" of Kiel University


Student Mobility (KA103)


Study Outgoings (SMS)

The exchange of students is based on bilateral agreements made between teachers of different departments of Kiel University and partner institutions abroad. There are currently about 480 ERASMUS contracts at departmental level (with nearly 240 partner institutions in Europe). Kiel University students can apply for a place at a particular host university in the departments.

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ERASMUS+ Information: From Application to Recognition

ERASMUS+ Guide, Written Reports

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New: From the academic year 2018/19 all written reports are uploaded in OLAT.


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Main application deadline for 2020/21: 1st February 2020


Study Incomings (SMS)

Information for ERASMUS exchange students who wish to study for one or two semesters at Kiel University.

Internship Outgoings (SMT)

Erasmus+ internship supports study-related placements in enterprises or organizations in other European countries with a minimum duration of two months. The visits are promoted throughout the Programme countries.


Staff Mobility (KA103)


Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA)

Erasmus+ offers teaching staff the opportunity to spend a period teaching at European partner universities, which hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).  The lectureships are aimed at strengthening the European dimension of the host university; supplementing  the courses and imparting  expertise knowledge to students who do not wish or are unable to study abroad. They should also promote the development of  joint international study programmes  as well as the exchange of course content and teaching methods. Personnel from foreign companies and organisations may also be invited to teach at German universities.

ERASMUS+ Leaflet: Teaching Mobility.pdf

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Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

Erasmus+ provides support to staff at a German higher education institution with an ECHE, who wish to travel abroad for training purposes. The host university may be another higher education institution which also holds an ECHE, or a public or private organisation active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training or youth and based in a Programme country. STT offers funding to staff from all areas of the university.

ERASMUS+ Leaflet: Training Mobility.pdf

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Mobility with ERASMUS+ Partner Countries (KA107)


Mobility with partner countries (KA107) offers German universities the opportunity to take part in academic exchange and cooperation with all countries of the world - the partner countries.

Ongoing project of Kiel University with the partner country Malaysia (2016-2018): Center for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS), Universiti Sains, Penang, Malaysia and Institute for Ecosystem Research of the CAU (Project leader: Prof. I. Unkel).

Two further project applications were submitted in February 2018 for the partner countries Tunisia and Israel; a follow-up application has been submitted for Malaysia.


Strategic Partnerships (KA203)


Cooperation and partnership projects in Erasmus+ focus on innovation, cooperation and the exchange of good practice. The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme offers German universities the opportunity to promote their internationalisation projects across a wide range of sectors and educational fields. Kiel University has been successful in applying for funding for two projects:

Ancient Cities.Creating a Digital Environment on Cultural Heritage (2017-2020): University of Arhus (Denmark), University of Bergen (Norway), University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne (France), University of Birmingham (United Kingdom), Open University, Heerlen (Netherlands), Kiel University, Classical Archeology (Prof. Stefan Feuser, Project Leader).

Ancient Cities on facebook


Urban Dynamics (2015-2018): University of Santiago di Compostela (Spain), University of Paris 8 (France), University of El Salvador, USAL (Argentina), Federal University of Penambuco, UFPD (Brazil), Kiel University, Institute of Roman Studies (Prof. J. Gomez-Montero / Project Leader), Department of Geography (Prof. R. Wehrhahn).


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