Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records is an official ERASMUS document that shows all the courses you took during your stay. If you were able to register all your courses at the examination office(s), then the examination office issues your Transcript (except for Medicine). Otherwise you are in charge of creating your Transcipt of Records.

Students studying Medicine, Law, Business Administration and Economics need to contact their Departemental Coordinator.
  • Download the template here or in Mobility Online. You may also use the one provided by your university.
  • Fill the document to the best of your knowledge. Here are some tips.
  • Upload the excerpt from "qis" or your "Scheine" in Mobility Online.
  • After you have all your examination results, you send the Transcript of Records to
  • The Erasmus Incoming Officer will check and sign the Transcript of Records.
  • By request the Transcipt of Records is send to your home adress.
  • It is not necessary to remain in Kiel until the creation of your Transcript of Records.
NOTE: You are in charge of your Transcript of Records.