[Ecosystem Research] Integrated Management of Wetlands


General information

Course name Integrated Management of Wetlands
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Course code AEF-EM018
Course coordinator PD Dr. M. Trepel
Faculty Institute for Ecosystem research
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Short summary Wetland management is a holistic and integrative analysis and an assessment of the anthropogenic impacts in wetlands,  considering also the regeneration effects, to create a sustainable and socially accepted concept for acting. The module gives knowledge on the impact the use of natural resources in wetlands has on the ecosystem and how to reduce the socio-economic risks. With scenarios and analysis of example studies, possible measures are evaluated in working groups.

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Study level Master
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Evaluation Assignment
Frequency Winter semester

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Recommended requirements basic understanding of ecological and hydrological processes and ecosystem functions

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Course Content Students are able to identify the ecological, economical and social components of integrated wetland management and are able to use system analysis to study the interrelationships. Participants are able to understand the specific characteristics of wetlands. They are able to understand and communicate the different points of view of local actives.
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