[Ecosystem Research] Geo Ecological Regional Processes


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Course name Geo-Ecological Regional Processes
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Course code S147
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. H.-R. Bork
Faculty Institute for Ecosystem Research
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Short summary Principles of geomorphology, quaternary geology and  soil  forming: The regonalised application of adapted methods for geomorphology and quaternary geology at site level and local and regional scales based on case studies from different continents. Regional impact of cultivation measures and conservation concepts based on erosion events, desertification and salinisation processes. Principles of geo-botany: plant communities as result of site dependent parameters and plants as habitat forming factors. Characteristics of phytosociological units, identification of threats and conservation measures considering site specific conditions and transregional matter flux.

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Study level Master
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Evaluation Oral examination
Frequency Winter semester

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Course Content Geo-scientific-processes: students are familiar with regional and local geomorphological, geological and soil forming processes and they are able to interpret interaction between them and hydrological and climatic systems for the formation of landscape  typical structures Geo-botanic processes: students know the fundamental  and specific interactions between sites, plants and plant communities. They are able to identify the availability of resources and their vulnerability to anthropogenic use.
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