[Ecosystem Research] Terrestrial Ecosystems – Field Studies


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Course name Terrestrial Ecosystems – Field Studies
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Course code S115
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. J. Schrautzer
Faculty Institute for Ecosystem Research
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Short summary This module focuses on the population/community dynamics and physical processes in terrestrial and semi-terrestrial ecosystems. The course provides knowledge about principal geobotanical techniques, measurements to acquire plant physiological processes, population dynamics of plant species and succession processes within plant communities. Special attention will be given to different restoration concepts currently applied in Central Europe. Exercises are carried out in differently managed forests, wet and dry grasslands, mires and gravel pits.

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Study level Bachelor, Master
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Frequency Summer semester

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Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
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Recommended requirements Basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, ecology

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Course Content Students are able to measure principle processes within ecosystems and to recognize their biotic and abiotic structure. They are able to evaluate the possibilities, limits and informative value of field data for ecosystem conservation and management.
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