[Ecosystem Research]Statistical and Mathematical Tools in Process Analysis
[Geography ] Geography of Germany
[Ecosystem Research] Conservation Biology
[Ecosystem Research] Geoarchaeology and Holocene palaeoecology – reconstruction of natural and human
[Ocean Research] How to write and publish a scientific paper
[Economics] Environmental Economics
[Geography and Geosciences] Economic Geography and Sustainability
[Geography and Geosciences] Coastal Evolution and Protection
[Ecosystem Research] Terrestrial ecozones and ecosystems
[Biology] Advanced course in Polar Ecology
[Ocean Research] Introduction to Physical Oceanography
[Ocean Research] Doing Science
[Ocean Research] Introduction to Chemical Oceanography
[Ocean Research] Introduction to Biological Oceanography
[Ecosystem Research] Long Term Analysis of Environmental Trends
[Ecosystem Research] Climate and Landscape Changes – Past and Future
[Ecosystem Research] Geo Ecological Regional Processes
[Ecosystem Research] Integrated Management of Wetlands
Auxiliary course Europe makes school
[Ecosystem Research] Freshwater & Wetland Ecosystems – Field Studies
[Ecosystem Research] Terrestrial Ecosystems – Field Studies
[Ecosystem Research] Analysis of environmental processes
[Chemistry] Molecular Structure and Molecular Dynamics
[Chemistry] Theoretical Chemistry / Computational Chemistry
[Chemistry] Physical Chemistry Statistical Thermodynamics
[Chemistry] Theoretical Chemistry / Computational Chemistry
Computational Quantum Dynamics and Time-resolved Spectroscopy
[Chemistry] Introduction to Numerical Mathematics in Chemistry
[Chemistry] Advanced methods for structure determination in organic chemistry
Physical Chemistry Molecular Spectroscopy
[Chemistry] Biologische Chemie / Biological Chemistry
[Chemistry] Meereschemie / Marine Chemistry
[Chemistry] Quantenmechanik in Theoretischer Chemie / Quantum mechanics in theoretical chemistry
[Biologie] Kommunikation in der Wissenschaft
[Geography and Geoscience] Changemakers and Social Entrepreneurs
[Geography and Geoscience] ChangeBox
[Geografie] Change Project
[Geography and Geoscience] Planning Research Projects
[Geography and Geoscience] Social Research Methods