Statistical and Mathematical Tools in Process Analysis
Geography of Germany
Conservation Biology
Geoarchaeology and Holocene palaeoecology – reconstruction of natural and human
Ocean Research - M - How to write and publish a scientific paper
Environmental Economics
Economic Geography and Sustainability
Coastal Evolution and Protection
Terrestrial ecozones and ecosystems
Advanced course in Polar Ecology
Introduction to Physical Oceanography
Doing Science
Introduction to Chemical Oceanography
Introduction to Biological Oceanography
Long Term Analysis of Environmental Trends
Climate and Landscape Changes – Past and Future
Geo Ecological Regional Processes
Integrated Management of Wetlands
Auxiliary course Europe makes school
Freshwater & Wetland Ecosystems – Field Studies
Terrestrial Ecosystems – Field Studies
Spezieller Bodenschutz
Analysis of environmental processes
Molecular Structure and Molecular Dynamics
Theoretical Chemistry / Computational Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Statistical Thermodynamics
Advanced / Profile Module Theoretical Chemistry / Computational Chemistry
Computational Quantum Dynamics and Time-resolved Spectroscopy
Introduction to Numerical Mathematics in Chemistry
Advanced methods for structure determination in organic chemistry
Physical Chemistry Molecular Spectroscopy
Biologische Chemie / Biological Chemistry
Meereschemie / Marine Chemistry
Quantenmechanik in Theoretischer Chemie / Quantum mechanics in theoretical chemistry
Kommunikation in der Wissenschaft
Changemakers and Social Entrepreneurs
Change Project
Planning Research Projects
Social Research Methods