[Deutsch lernen] Landeskunde Deutschland - Introduction in German Society, culture and politics


General information

Course name "Landeskunde Deutschland"- Introduction in German Society, culture and politics
Course type Seminar
Course code  
Course coordinator Enrico Sieffert
Faculty Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Examination office Gemeinsames Prüfungsamt in der Philosophischen Fakultät
Short summary This course is designed for students, who are interested to learn about Germany. According to their German language proficiency (at least A2) the participants learn in two courses about German history, political system, culture, society and other aspects of Germany.

Information about the study level

Study level Bachelor, Master, PhD
Also possible for all study levels

Informationen about credit points, evaluation and frequency

ECTS 4-6
Evaluation attendance, participation, test
Frequency In both semester

Information about teaching language

Teaching language German
Minimum language requirement A2
Further information on teaching language One group for German proficiency A2-B1 another group for German proficiency B2-C1

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Course content

Definition of the terms "regional study", "culture" and "nation". The lecture focus in :

  • German history
  • checks and balances in Germany
  • German cultural policy
  • German health system
  • German economy
  • role of the unions
  • German art


Explanation of the terms "cultural standards", "cultural dimensions", "stereotype" and "predjudice". Scientific determined German cultural characteristics versus stereotypes. Preparation for contacts with German culture in work life (Intercultural training).

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