[Economics] Multivariate Methods


General information

Course name Multivariate Methods
Course type Lecture plus Tutorial
Course code VWL-AEM-MuMe
Course coordinator Prof. Dr. Uwe Jensen
Faculty Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Examination office Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Short summary Multivariate statistical techniques like ANOVA, Factor Analysis, Discrimination Analysis, Cluster Analysis etc.

Information about study level

Study level Master
Also possible for Advanced Bachelor

Information about credit points, evaluation and frequency

Evaluation Written exam
Frequency Summer term

Information about teaching language

Teaching language English
Minimum language requirement B1
Further information on the teaching language recommened TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 79

Information about requirements

Recommended requirements Statistics, Linear Algebra

Information about course content, reading list and additional information

Course Content In this course, the students shall understand those standard multivariate techniques that are not found in courses on econometrics or microeconometrics. The course will neither be too technical (concentrating on the derivation of techniques) nor too applied (following the cookbook approach). Emphasis will be given to geometrical intuition and understanding. An introduction to the statistical software package Stata and practical exercises with data from the German Socioeconomic Panel (GSOEP) shall enable the students to conduct their own empirical research, e.g. in actuarial science or in marketing.
Reading list Sharma: Applied Multivariate Techniques, Wiley
Additional information