Re-registration for international students at Kiel University

Re-registration for summer semester 2021
from 2nd of January until 28th of February 2021

The sole basis for re-registration is the timely payment of the semester fee in amount of 266,50 €  during the time period

           2nd of January until 28th of February 2021

Attention!!! In order to re-register in time, the semester fee has to arrive at the account of the Studentenwerk on 28th of February 2021 at the latest.

Neither the bank transfer of the money on the last day of the re-registration period, nor the cash paying of the amount at the counter of the Studentenwerk or payment by debit card on the last day of the re-registration period is right in time!!

Note on cash payment, bank transfer or debit card payment:    

when paying, a booking period of approx. 3 working days must be expected.

The Fee includes the contribution of semester bus/train SH state wide ticket and also for the Student Services of Studentenwerk Schleswig Holstein.

Information concerning the Schleswig Holstein bus/train SH state wide semester ticket is given by AStA Kiel University

After you have transferred the Semester Fee in a timely manner, and after the funds have been received, your new campus card could be validiated at the terminals. (you could check your status by using the campus management system)

The Semester Fee can be paid by using a transfer slip at your bank of choice. Cash payment at the cash desk of the Studentenwerk is only possible during opening hours. (Please inform yourself about the opening hours in time)

In case of using a wire transfer slip from your bank, it has to be filled in with your enrolment number ( number is written on the front side of welcome letter or student confirmation) and SoSe2021.

The Semester Fee in amount of €266,50 should be paid by wire transfer to the account of the Studentenwerk Schleswig Holstein.

Recipient: Studentenwerk SH-CAU-STUD

IBAN: DE 80210501700025000761


Institute: Förde Sparkasse (bank name)

Reference: as reference use your enrolment (matriculation) number 

International wire transfers should be sent to:

Studentenwerk Schleswig Holstein

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): DE 80210501700025000761

Bank Identifier Code (BIC): NOLADE21KIE

Note on the new procedure from 01.12.2020:
After the re-registration deadline has expired, students who have not re-registered will immediately receive a de-registration letter.
It is then possible to transfer the semester fee within a set period of time and thus still complete the re-registration process.

The university refuses the re-registration:

  • if the obligation to contribute to the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein and the student body was not fulfilled. The contribution must be received within the re-registration deadline on the bank account of the Studentenwerk;
  • if  there is no valid proof of the existence of health insurance or if the health insurance company invalidates the submitted insurance certificate;
  • when you have finished your course of study by passing the final exams;
  • if you have definitively failed a course-related examination, interim or final examination required by the examination regulations - unless the subject area or the degree program is changed.
  • if proof of the extension of the examination period is missing in the case of suspended courses of study.

           § 19 Registration Regulations (Rules) at Kiel University

As from now you can download your certificates of student status, certificates of study periods and BAföG certificates.You can also maintain your contact and address information online. To do so, please use your stu number (user ID) and your password (the same as the one for your stu-mail and QIS) to log on

To find the documents, you navigate through the menu as follows: „My Functions - Student Service - Reports“. Further information is provided on the homepage after you log into your account. Student certificates are created as PDF files and can be forwarded as an attachment.

All students will receive a reminder e-mail, sent through the stu-email address, to remind you on the timely payment of the semester fee and re-registration for summer semester 2021.
Our urgent recommendation to you is; note the Inbox of your mandatory Stu-Email account.

You submitted your Thesis in the winter semester 2020/2021 and are not sure whether you should / must re-register for the summer semester 2021. Please contact your examination office to find out whether you need to re-register for the next winter semester.

Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel - International Center - Westring 400

D - 24118 Kiel