Leave of absence from Kiel (Suspension of Studies) / University Notification of a pregnancy or nursing

It is possible to apply for and be granted a leave of absence from your studies if you can demonstrate that you have an especially important reason for doing so:

Especially important reasons include the following:

  • Illness: This requires that you provide a document from your doctor that shows that you are unable to participate in a regular course of study at the University.
  • Study Abroad
  • Military or Civilian Service
  • during pregnancy / child delivery / care of a child
  • Research project

    Application form


A leave of absence is normally granted for the duration of one semester.



It is not possible to be granted a leave of absence for the first semester of study or for the first semester of enrolment at Kiel University.


  • Pregnancy / Maternity Leave

     due to new Maternity protection act from 1st of January 2018 please note the
      following information
      please use these
      new application form
     and take note on following  
      Declaration of consent to performance/event participation

Students granted a leave of absence must pay the semester fee in amount of € 204,50 for winter semester 2021-2022.

Applications for leave of absence must be submitted for one semester up to the start of lectures of the respective semester. During the current semester, a leave of absence can exceptionally be applied for within two months after the start of lectures if an important reason has only arisen within this period.

§20 der Einschreibordnung der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
§40 des Hochschulgesetzes