Guest auditor status


Applications for guest auditor status must be submitted no later than four weeks after the beginning of the lecture period of each semester.

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According to government rules on fees effective as of 11th August, 2004 (NBl. MBWFK Schl.-H-2004 of 4th October, 2001, p. 307), individuals who attend courses offered by the University as guest auditors must pay a fee of €100 each semester. Individuals receiving state financial assistance may apply for permission to pay a reduced fee of €20.

The relevant application form is available at the International Center and can be downloaded here. Once your status has been approved and the paperwork has been processed, your guest auditor ID will be returned to you.

Applying for Guest Auditor Status (only German)

Guest auditor status is regulated as follows by §22 of the Enrolment Policy of Kiel University:

  • Applicants wishing to further their education by attending courses at the University may apply for permission from the relevant faculty to attend courses as guest auditors for one semester at a time. The course instructor must also give his or her consent to the guest auditor’s participation in a given course.
  • The needs of regular students in the course of their studies have priority over the interests of guest auditors, and may not be negatively impacted by these. In courses of study with limited enrolment, guest auditors may attend Vorlesungen (lectures); for enrolment in Praktika (internships) and Übungen (practical classes other than lectures), regular students have priority over guest auditors.
  • Academic credit and duration of enrolment as a guest auditor may be granted as provided for under the applicable official degree requirements.
  • All applications for guest auditor status should be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope in which your guest auditor certificate can be mailed to you.
  • The University course catalogue can be acquired at a local bookstore or via the publisher, G. Mühlau GmbH & Co KG, 24105 Kiel.